I would like to thank everyone who trusted, and bought smud-carbon products.

Also thanks for such positive feedback!

Smud-carbon is constantly expanding, aiming for perfection in the quality of laminates, and finish that must please the eye

To maintain such a high quality hand-made, and to ensure satisfactory delivery times, (when everything  gets more expensive) I have to raise the prices a bit.

This also allows me to make some discount for larger orders.

 Pretty soon I’ll release integrated seatposts (ISP), later this year setback seatposts, and probably saddle/seatpost combos.

Probably in 2014 season I’ll be able to present MTB handlebars.

I’ll keep you updated!

If you have any question, write me please!

I wish everybody a succesfull 2013 season.

Check pictures below, and new, actual pictures for seatpost clamps.