More than comvortable and light saddle!
That's completely new quality!
Solid 7x9 mm rods, combined with new, wider shell, made from highest quality materials,
provides convenient, flexible and extremely durable saddle at a very low weight.
New shell has also dropped edges, that prevents hurting your thighs while drive standing.
With the right shape and size, saddle fits to many of riding types, and personal requirements.
Every detail is handmade with highest possible precision, just look on the pictures.
You have to try it!

Finish : 3k plain or twill, UD / gloss or matt / with paintings or without.
Weight : 69-72 grams
Dimensions : 250 mm x 130 mm
Rails : 100% carbon ( 7 x 9 mm )
Upper : 100% carbon with UD reinforcement in critical places
Range of adjustment : 70 x 8 mm
Destination : MTB or Road use.
Rider weight limit : 85 kg

Available reinforcements for 100kg weight limit for an upcharge 10%.
Guarantee : 1 year for manufacturing defects.

Price :  149 euro